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UVC disinfection tunnel

The solution for the food industry

The disinfection tunnel is a solution to transport products and materials from a low-care to a high-care zone. Made of stainless steel, fully hygienically designed and therefore suitable for companies in the food industry.

Collaboration Van Rijn and UVC

Van Rijn and Bioclimatic (UVC technique, Nieuw-Vennep) work closely together in the field of UVC tunnels for the food processing industry. Years of experience in the hygienic construction of machines at van Rijn and specialist knowledge of Bioclimatic in the field of UVC technology ensure a system of unprecedented quality.

A new standard in all-round disinfection.

UVC Disinfection tunnel

The solution for automated disinfection of incoming materials or raw materials. Suitable for transporting materials and products from a low-care to a high-care environment.
By using sustainable UVC light, the use of chemicals is prevented and because no human hands are involved, it is more reliable than traditional disinfection.

A UVC tunnel disinfects the outside of materials all around; depending on the design and the microbiological requirements of the customer, a Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) on various bacteria is feasible.

The advantages at a glance:

Disinfects all around
Dry process
Tunnel is easy to clean
Tunnel remains cool
Log 4 on E. Coli, Log 6+ on Listeria

More information? Download our UVC folder

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