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Hygienic turntables and buffertables

A turntable or buffertable enables a product line to keep running for a longer period of time. A conveyor system transports the produce to a turning table which creates a buffer, resulting in more time for an operator to keep the machine running. Apart from longer running times, it is also convenient for the operator: the table keeps bringing the product towards him, instead of him having to move it manually. This reduction of physical labour required greatly reduces the physical strain placed on the operator.

Easy to clean buffertables

The stainless steel construction and hygienic design makes the table easy to clean. It also ensures that there are no hidden spots for bacteria to pile up.

The turn-buffer tables is regularly outfitted with raised edge so products won’t fall off the edge. It is also possible to outfit the motor with a stainless steel protective hood and several kinds of guiding arms.

Standard size buffer tables

Our buffer tables come in three standard sizes: Ø800 mm, Ø1250 mm, Ø1500 mm. The height of the buffer tables varies between 800 mm and 1200 mm. For the lower support, it is possible to outfit them with swivel wheels or adjustable feet.

Combine buffer tables and turn tables with transport systems

The turntables are perfectly matched with other systems Van Rijn delivers. These include (hygienic) transportation systems, bucket systems and more. Take a look on our website for the other solution we provide for filling and transportation!

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