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Stainless steel roller conveyor

Stainless steel roller conveyors are very suitable for environments where frequent and thorough cleaning is required. Because of the stainless steel building material, it is suitable for both wet and dry surroundings.

Hygienic stainless steel conveyor systems

Roller systems made of stainless steel are perfectly suitable for industries where hygiene is priority number one. We build these reliable systems for industrial, chemical and other industries. The roller conveyor system is applicable in both wet and dry environments. Because of the design with hygiene as our main focus, it is easily cleanable.

Custom made roller system for your production line

We deliver our roller systems with both the regular Stainless Steel 304 or optionally with the Stainless Steel 316 material. The roller systems can be outfitted with several kinds of cell guides. It is also possible to easily adjust the height of the frame.

The roll diameter and roll stitch are dependent on the size and weight of the produce being transported. We are always ready to give advice on the correct specifications for your conveyor system.

We can make the roller conveyor system at any requested length without restrictions. It is also possible to build roller conveyor systems above of each other or in other custom shapes & sizes.

Are you curious what we can do for you regarding stainless steel roller conveyor belt systems?

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