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Client Description

Xella is a well-known supplier of building elements in Brabant, a province in the southern part of the Netherlands. These building elements can be assembled to specification with a specially developed construction adhesive.

The construction adhesive is supplied as a powder, which is mixed with water at the construction site. This means that the adhesive has a long shelf life, retains its properties until it is mixed and it can always be produced in the desired quantity.

Project Description

A standard powder filler is integrated in a bucket processing line for accurately filling the buckets to a pre-set weight of construction adhesive powder.

Because the bucket is filled with more powder than is needed and this forms a cone above the bucket rim, the filled bucket is moves to a vibrating station and prepared for further automatic processing. There is an extractor hood at the filling and vibrating stations to remove the dust generated when processing the product. Once the powder has settled a lid is placed on the bucket and sealed with a pressure roller.

What our clients say

The layout of the bucket line supplied by Van Rijn is such that it can be operated by one person. Because our product must not come into contact with water before use, the installation must always be cleaned without moisture. Furthermore, it is a dusty process and the machinery must be able to withstand this. We are very satisfied with the solution Van Rijn has supplied. The installation has proven itself over the years by its user-friendliness, simple operation and easy maintenance and so, in our challenging production environment, the probability of failure is low.

– Ad Roza