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Project BVF

Client Description

BVF is a well-known supplier of fruit preparations, most of which are made from real fruit. The products are supplied to food producers all over the world. The company turnover is developing so rapidly that the company wants to expand its production locations globally.

An important characteristic of BVF’s products is that the fruit itself remains clearly recognizable in the end product; this is particularly important for ice cream producers, bakeries and dairies, for example.

Project Description

For this project we were asked to devise a solution to get the correct weight of hot and vulnerable prepared fruit into buckets. To prevent contamination, the packaging must be sealed as quickly as possible after filling. The challenges were: Small batches, wide range of packaging volumes and start up with a limited investment.

To meet the requirements, we supplied an installation with a conveyor belt, a step transport conveyor, a filling station with scales and a servo-controlled dosing lance, a bucket sealer with gas injection and a collection roller conveyor. Thanks to the U-shaped design, only one employee is required to keep the system operational.

What our clients say
As a new start-up company, we do not have much experience with packaging lines. During the exploration phase, Van Rijn asked us targeted questions and conducted tests with our products to devise a solution that was suitable for us. As a result of several unforeseen problems, Van Rijn had to make some adjustments and the packaging line which is now running entirely according to plan.

– Thomas Belle