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Client Description

Eurocol is a well-known supplier of levelling compounds and adhesives for use in the construction industry. 

For its liquid adhesives, this customer was looking for a filling line for buckets. It had to handle small batches of product and a wide variety of buckets. Because the product sometimes has high viscosity, it has to be filled from a fixed dispensing height. Depending on the bucket or pack to be filled, it must be possible to determine and adjust the conveyor to the appropriate height.

Project Description

The filling line is set up on actuators allowing the correct fill height to be set according to the recipe. The line runs under two product mixers that are used alternately to mix or fill the product.

Under each of the mixers there are two filling points so that each container can first be pre-filled for a pre-set time and then be dosed by weight. This has made it possible to match the time to mix and to fill so that the containers can be filled in a continuous process.

What our clients say

The bucket line designed by Van Rijn is easy to operate by just one employee thanks to the U-shaped arrangement. We decided to make it easy to move the line so it can be cleaned at a separate location so we would make the best use of the automatic height adjustment. Experience has shown that the risk of our product leaking and contaminating the line is very small. As a result, we have not used this cleaning option as often as we had anticipated.

– Engel Zonneveld