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E. den Dekker

Client Description

Fast and reliable delivery of a wide range of plants is what E. den Dekker in Honselersdijk excels in. Plants and products are sourced directly from 1500 different growers and E. den Dekker delivers them throughout Europe.

This excellent service is made possible by more than fifty employees in the Netherlands and abroad. E den Dekker is proud of the speed with which they can do this, but also of the quality they can guarantee.

Project Description

By installing sturdy modular plate link conveyor belts in stainless steel frames, we have been able to improve production in a simple, clear and effective manner.

A mix of large and small plants in a variety of packaging units, trays and boxes is fed onto the conveyor and distributed to the various work stations and roll container packing areas via a camera based scanning and transport system. The cameras scan the barcode and send it to the ERP system to get the required exit in real time. This means it is possible to intervene in the process at the last moment and to select a different exit. Each exit is equipped with stainless steel arms that direct containers to the correct belt with a theoretical capacity of approximately 1700 items per hour. These do their job very effectively.

What our clients say
Van Rijn has helped us achieve our objective because they were able to supply quickly and flexibly and the new layout gives use a good overview of what we are doing. The team were easy to work with, their creative solution with conveyors simplified improving our processes. It has given us more speed and flexibility so we can better serve our customers. The installation is extremely reliable and the maintenance costs are very low. Van Rijn conducts preventive maintenance each month, which means they can guarantee the reliability of the installations.

-Max Lumenta – Distribution Manager