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Metal detection

Our metal detection systems ensure that your fabrication process is as safe as possible. Even the smallest metal particles will be detected by our systems. The metal detectors can be applied to existing production lines or be a part of a new production line.

Metal detection for a safe production process

It is possible that metals come in close proximity with products in industrial surroundings. Metal detection is a proofed method of ensuring the safety of your products and consumers. Because with metal, it is of utmost importance that even the smallest particle is being detected.

Metal detection for every production line

Van Rijn has applied CEIA detectors for many years in industrial settings. These are fully adequate for the requirements of the consumer. The systems adhere to the highest quality standards of Van Rijn in terms of safety, flexibility, hygiene and workmanship.

The CEIA detectors are designed to work for many years in dusty and/or wet industrial environments. This includes industries where machines are cleaned with pressure washing. The finish of the machine is made of RVS316L, which offers two classes of protection: IP69K en IP66.

Multi-spectrum, flexibility and security

With CEIA-introduced Multi-Spectrum technology, it is possible it detect and filter even the smallest pieces of metal. The detector uses a wide range of frequencies at the same time to effectively filter and eliminate false alarms.

The software of the detector is programmable to make it suitable for later adjustments. This includes extra sensors for, for example: Marks & Spencer, Tesco, BRC, and McDonalds.

Because we produce our own lines, warranty from CEIA is not an issue. CEIA produces around 40.000 detectors each year for all sorts of industries, and thus has the production facilities to make their own printed circuit boards. We even support customers with 20 year old machines because of this.

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