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process optimization in chemistry?

Van Rijn: a safe partner in chemistry

Optimizing the chemical industry – From liquids to powders

We have supplied various machines for filling and sealing a range of packaging types with liquids or powders to the chemical industry. Our machines fill and seal many buckets, cans, jerrycans, trays and sacks with various types of oils, paints, resin adhesives, B component hardeners, cement adhesives, powders and powdered adhesives. We are a respected supplier to the chemical industry and our best machines can provide perfect solutions for you. Tell us about your challenge or problem and we will devise the best and most efficient solution.

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“We have various conveyor belts: straight, curved, for inclines or lifting systems to transport your products to different levels. Our inclined conveyors and lift systems ensure that your products are in the right place at the right time.”

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“Do you work with hazardous substances with an explosion risk? Then it’s good to know that our machines can comply with the ATEX Workplace Directive. We have even designed a special dispensing valve that is suitable for ATEX liquids.”

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