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Fabric conveyor belts

Fabric conveyor belts are suitable for all conditions: cold, wet, messy and more. This makes them especially suitable for the flower industry, but for a wide range of other industries aswell.

Fabric conveyor belt systems suitable for all conditions

Our Van Rijn fabric conveyor belt systems are specifically designed for the flower- and plants industry. We’ve already installed hundreds of meters of belts in cold, wet and dirty surroundings. These surroundings require a high degree of reliability, stable connection and low maintenance costs. Because of these characteristics, fabric conveyor belts are not only suitable for the flower industry, but for a whole range of other industries aswell.

Built with Stainless Steel, a mid-engine and the right top-surface

The fabric conveyor belt system is built with a stainless steel frame and other suitable materials for the conditions they’re required to work in. Because the system is outfitted with a mid-engine, the end result is compact and capable of moving both forwards and backwards.

De belt has two control strings and a hard, smooth top-surface which makes it very suitable for transportation, buffering and forwarding of lots of produce. A soft or rough top-surface is possible as well if desired.

A custom made fabric conveyor belt for your company

The fabric conveyor belt system can be delivered with custom specifications. Length, width, height, speed and power. If desired, it can be outfitted with other custom modules like a head drive, slip-on reductor, as a flat transportation belt or elevated buckling belt. Whatever your industry requires, we can make it.

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