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Bucket sealer

Bucket sealers are designed to help speed up the production process. In addition to that, the sealing of the product vastly increases the shelf life.

Bucket sealing systems of Van Rijn

The bucket sealer is suited for closing buckets of a maximum of 320 X 320 mm, and a height difference of maximum 225 mm. The buckets can be automatically transported to the sealer by an existing system, or put on the machine by hand.

An extra feature is fumigation. This can be done with both steam and gas. By using fumigation, shelf life is extended even more.

For maximum hygiene, the gas tube is attached to the side of the bucket sealer. The bucket sealer comes with a base plate and a stainless steel table frame. It can be delivered as a table model, on a moveable frame, with a transportation system or with a complete production line.

Air- and electricity connections

Connection voltage: 380V – 3 phase, including 3 meter long connection cable and socket with earth ground. Optionally, a 230V-1 phase machine is possible. Air connection: 6 bar clean dry air, including air conditioning unit with air pressure regulator and water seperator.

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